Church history

St. Mungo’s Church began in a simple way. On 25 July 1851 John Ord Mackenzie of Dolphinton recorded that ‘We had no clergyman in our chapel last Sunday, and a large Party went to the opening of a small room in West Linton which Mr. Forbes has got fitted up as a school room on weekdays and a place for the performance of the English Church Service on Sundays’.
The present building was started soon afterwards, and its unusual shape, essentially northwest-southeast with a small chancel on the northeast reflects the fact that for the next generation it served both as a school room and church. It was one of the first of the ‘Gladstone’ Churches built by local landowners aimed at reviving the Episcopalian tradition in Scotland. During the week the chancel was curtained off. In 1857 the Bishop of Glasgow consecrated the church and preached the inaugural sermon.
During the 1870s a separate school was built a little further down Chapel Brae. It was designed to accommodate 60 pupils and their teachers. The architects were Hay and Henderson and the church was altered at the same time. The chancel was enlarged and the present bell tower and porch added. The 19th Century pews were re-placed with chairs a few years ago. The school was closed in 1909, when the present West Linton Primary School was opened, with, for the time, advanced teaching facilities.

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