Neville (74) came to Penicuik from Aberdeen in 1964, with wife Tilly, to become research scientist at Moredun Institute, Edinburgh.  Neville began training as Lay reader soon after arriving in Penicuik and joined a group of three from the St James congregation to train for Non-Stipendiary Ministry when the Diocese began a new scheme in 1971. He has served the linked congregations since ordination in 1975.  Neville’s latest hobbyhorse is Penicuik for Africa, a St James-based group that galvanises community support for Africa. So far the group has revitalised a rural hospital and nurse training school in Chitambo, Zambia and they have just launched a well drilling project for N Malawi.


Reverend Mike Fuller

Revered Mike Fuller

Mike Fuller (Interim Pastor) originally studied chemistry before switching to theology, and being ordained. He moved to the Edinburgh diocese in 1995, and ran the Scottish Episcopal Church’s training programmes from 2000-2014.He is now a Senior Teaching Fellow at New College, University of Edinburgh, where he lectures and researches primarily in the field of science and religion. He is married to Sue, and they have two children, Peter and Tom. He is a great lover of music, especially opera.

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