Rev’d Lynsay M. Downs is a priest and poet serving in the Scottish Episcopal Church, diocese of Edinburgh. Originally from Staffordshire,(where she met her husband, Simon) Lynsay studied European Studies at Hull, before teaching English as a foreign language with the British Council in Hungary for 4 years. After the birth of her first child, Seth, Lynsay studied Theology at Oxford as a Church of England ordinand. Whilst she was there her second son, Con, was born. Lynsay served her title in Wolverhampton and went on to be Team Vicar to the Church of the Holy Spirit in the parish of Brereton and Rugeley. In 2013 she heard the call to Scottish Episcopalianism and more specifically to the linked charges of Penicuik and West Linton. Lynsay’s first book of poetry, ‘A Contemplative Cacophony’ is available from Amazon. She is currently writing a prayer book, incorporating her poetry, for people praying out of life’s hard places. Both Lynsay’s sons are on the Autistic spectrum, a fact that has led her into new spheres of ministry. Lynsay is always ready to accompany, in prayer and/or conversation anyone who just discovering that their lives are touched by Autism. This has also led to a particular interest in the ways in which Christians communicate their identity in the body of Christ through the non-verbal elements of liturgy. When Lynsay finds she has time to herself she like nothing better than a good cup of coffee/glass of wine and some quality yarn to knit with. You can contact Lynsay at

Neville (74) came to Penicuik from Aberdeen in 1964, with wife Tilly, to become research scientist at Moredun Institute, Edinburgh.  Neville began training as Lay reader soon after arriving in Penicuik and joined a group of three from the St James congregation to train for Non-Stipendiary Ministry when the Diocese began a new scheme in 1971. He has served the linked congregations since ordination in 1975.  Neville’s latest hobbyhorse is Penicuik for Africa, a St James-based group that galvanises community support for Africa. So far the group has revitalised a rural hospital and nurse training school in Chitambo, Zambia and they have just launched a well drilling project for N Malawi.


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